Dr. Dre Surprises Crowd at Kendrick Lamar Show and Calls Him a “True MC”

Kendrick Lamar held two sold out shows back-to-back in Los Angeles last night and brought along two special surprise guests. The Club Nokia crowd lost their voices when T.I. and Dr. Dre hit the stage, respectively. Both veteran artists had nice things to say about the man of the hour, Kendrick, but Dre, being the true boss he is, let the crowd know he was behind his artist 300%.

“I got to let y’all know something, I’m so proud of this man right here. He’s been handling his business even before y’all knew he was signed and sh*t. He was like let’s keep that sh*t on the low, I don’t want nobody to know and he kept doing his f^cking thing. He’s a true muthaf^ckin’ lyricist, a real muthaf^ckin’ MC and that’s what we need in muthaf^ckin’ hip-hop.”

Well said Dr. Dre. Watch the Doc join Kendrick for “Compton” and “The Recipe” and T.I. join Kendrick for his own singles, “Go Get It” and “What You Know.”

Via LA Leakers

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