Video: Red Bull Stratos Supersonic Skydives at the Edge of Space

Incredible. According to Fox News, Skydiver Felix Baumgartner landed safely on the ground Sunday after a record-shattering jump from the edge of space.

“Start the cameras and our guardian angel will take care of you.” Words of wisdom from Col. Joe Kittinger before Felix stepped away from his capsule falling into the stratosphere.

Baumgartner left the capsule attached to a huge helium balloon at 128,000 feet — 24 miles up — higher than anyone before him. After an initial free fall, he opened his parachute and glided down to the ground, where he fell to his knees with his fists raised, then stood up, smiling and hugging members of his team.

There’s are two moments that blew me away… :47seconds when he opens his capsule at the edge of space… and the moment at 1:00minute when he actually fell down to earth. BREATHTAKING. See below for the whole video.

Preliminary figures (awaiting official record data)

Altitude reached: 128,097

Total time from jump to landing: 9 min. 3 seconds

Freefall duration: 4 min. 19 seconds

Speed: 1137 km per hour

For more info on this jump, go here.

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