New Music: Jake&Papa – “Westernplayalisticamaromusic” [mixtape]

Goodfellas Ent./Def Jam recording artists Jake&Papa (formerly of R&B group Brutha) just released their summer mixtape Westernplayalisticamaromusic, with a classic seductive sound, yet fresh and fly steez. They told us,

“Westernplayalisticamaromuzic is our interpretation of a smooth ride in the fast lane of California. Giving you different elements that represent the Westcoast Player lifestyle to the full, while introducing ourselves to whoever’s hearing us for the first time. And of course, paying tribute to one of the greatest duos of all time, Outkast, whose debut album was “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic”. Just a lil’ something from your two favorite bros to get you through the rest of your summer.”

Truthfully speaking, I personally haven’t skipped ANY songs. It’s that refreshing. Listen below and download HERE. If you like R&B, you won’t be disappointed.

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