Mannie Fresh Talks About The Music Game Right Now

Super producer Mannie Fresh, the creator of hit record such as; Lil Wayne’s Go DJ, Juvenile’s Back That Azz Up, B.G’s Bling Bling, T.I’s Big Thangs Poppin, and that’s just to name a few, sits down with Soul Culture and talks, G.O.O.D Music’s compilation album Cruel Summer, Kanye West, New Producers, his thoughts of the music game right now, and more.

“You got New York rappers that sound like they are from the South, East Coast rappers that sound like they from the South – and I’m not saying there is nothing wrong with that, but what happened to the East Coast sound? What happened to the West Coast sound? That is all I am saying, show me some growth in it. At one point rap had Public Enemy, Public Enemy was our pro black; we had Slick Rick, Slick Rick was our story teller; we had N.W.A, N.W.A was our gangsta rap, and you had Cash Money that was your bling bling. That is four different genres of rap. You don’t have that right now. Now it’s just based on the club – what can I do to make you shake your ass and dance… Hip Hop to me growing up was a teacher as well. It was a culture and a teacher. You had the choice of saying, ‘today I want to hear something positive,’ ‘today I want to hear something that is all about the hood,’ or whatever. Today you just don’t have that right now,”

Enjoy the interview after the jump.

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